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2 years ago

how u handle test priorities between cycles


I have tests in my project that the priority can be changed in each cycle [depends of several aspects ] .

currently, i need to adjust the test priority for each cycle and if i have several cycles run in the same time with different priorities for the same test - i can't do that

I will be happy to hear if u have such situation and  how u handle it



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    Hi Rachel,


    Not sure if I completely understand but I use the test cycle Status field to report the status of each cycle.  Most times the test cycle status is automated, e.g. no tests executed = Not Executed, someone executes at least 1 test case = In Progress, etc.  But what I also do is add some custom test cycle statuses: Descoped, and Blocked - and I manually change the status where needed.  I also add a custom text field where I can add a note about the whole cycle, e.g. reason why the cycle is blocked.  I find this a very useful way to use the test cycle homepage as a report.


    Does that help with your situation?


    Thanks, Andy