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3 years ago

How to modified project name for Zephyr Scale

I have changed my JIRA project key but all the existing tests remains named with the old project key
I would like to update the zephyr scale project key as well
How can I do ?

  • Hello,


    Today, it is not possible to do this in Zephyr Scale.

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  • Hello,


    Today, it is not possible to do this in Zephyr Scale.

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      I have a follow-up question to this. I changed my Jira Project Key before I even enabled Zephyr in the project. Today, when I finally enabled Zephyr, I see it's picking up the old Project Key. I find this a bit odd since I didn't have Zephyr enabled and didn't have any test cases. 


      Is this still expected behavior? Is there a reason or plan to allow this to change?

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        So we investigated it a bit, and it is expected behavior in our codebase. 

        However, I agree with you that it should not behave this way. And we will evaluate the complexity to change this.


        Regarding the modification of the key after enabling Zephyr Scale, we plan to address this issue in the future but it is not been selected for development so far.

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    Just chiming in that I would also really like to see Zephyr Scale either automatically pick up a new project key or give the Admin the ability to update it. We recently made some changes to our project structure which included some key updates, and now there is a complete disconnect between Zephyr Scale and Jira. It's not even picked up on *new* Test Cases.