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3 years ago

How to export Coverage Report results

I'd like to know how to export Coverage Report results into a csv or xls file.


This because what I am looking for, is to be able to create stories, add test cases to the stories through zephyr and be able to run a report where I can get all Stories and their list of test cases linked.

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    Hi vladcaz ,


    sadly you cannot export the coverage report into csv or Excel files. This has been a growing pain for us as well.


    What we did was to use the REST API to create our own coverage reports straight to csv using small Python scripts for different needs.


    We're on the Server app. Check out the API docs here: (Have a look at the /testcase/search end point and in particular the "issueKeys IN (...)" query option.)


    For the Cloud app, it does not seem to be quite as easy, because you don't have a comparable end point ( You would probably need to also use the Jira API in addition to the Zephyr Scale API and correlate the data.


    Anyways, hope this helps. 🙂