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20 days ago

How to create Test cases in Zephyr Scale from Create screen in Jira Cloud

I have installed Zephyr Scale in our Jira Cloud instance few weeks back. Is it possible to create Test Cases from jira create screen? if it is possible please suggest me how to achieve it. Thanks in advance.

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    This is possible with Zephyr Squad but not in Scale. With Squad a test case is a Jira issue type where you would see this on the create screen.

    However after creation of your User Story/Bug/ Task (these can be custom set in project settings for Zephyr Scale), you can create a test case from the Zephyr modal which will then have a direct association (traceability) to that Jira item, like so.

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    It's not possible to create test cases in that way.  There is a Zephyr Scale app with a Test Cases page that has a button to create test cases...