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7 months ago

how to create Personalized test report(detail) in ZephyrScale

In ZephyrScale, i am not satisfied with the demo template test report(detail),   

Test execution results (detailed)  report have many  redundant information, i need  more streamlined content。

how to develop personalized test report(detail) in ZephyrScale? 

can you provide  related examples  or  opertationg manual?

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    The Help file for Scale is here: Help


    We are limited in terms of what we can do to customise reports.  We can affect the data returned by using report filter but we cannot change the report layout or format.  If you want ultimate control you can export the report data to another tool like Excel and create your own reports.


    Dashboards are another option you might want to consider in addition to reporting.  They can be useful for reporting to stakeholders and the project team.