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4 years ago

How to create multiple test script by using different test data


i am using the Test data with 5 different values n each row in my Test script.

When i run the script, it gives the single script with 5 rows . Is there any way we can generate seperate script for each data.

please help me on this.


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    Could you please provide more detail?  When you say Test Script I assume you mean Test Case...


    As an example, does your test case look like this?


    TestCase 1

    Step 1: 

    Step 2: 

    Step 3: 

    Step 4: 

    Step 5: 


    Do you want to convert TestCase 1 into 5 TestCases?


    TestCase1 (was Step 1)

    TestCase2 (was Step 2)

    TestCase3 (was Step 3)

    TestCase4 (was Step 4)

    TestCase5 (was Step 5)



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      Thanks for replying my Post.

      My Requirement :, I need to test 2 users (Manager and supervisor) are  having a permission to add the Bank details or not.

      Followed steps : Created Manager & Super visor as a Test data and call the "Add Bank details" (Using Call to Test").  Moved the Test case in to Run bucket and run the Test case

      Actual :  

      In Run Cycle, The same test case shows as 1 test cases with 2 Test Rows. 

      Expected : 

      Since the tester put effort to run this test cases 2 times (first time with Manager and second time with Supervisor) can we split the test cases also 2(1 for  Manager test case,  1 for Supervisor) instead of combined script.

      So that the Test execution Report also will show the executed count as 2 instead of 1 .


      Attached the Test cases with 2 Test user and the Run Cycle how it looks for your reference. Run Bucket shows both uses are in single script. I want to split these each rows(Row1, Row2) as separate test cases