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2 years ago

How do I link test cases of other project to story of Jira?

Hi, I'm Juryoeng.

I'm using your system well. Thanks.

However, I have a question.

We're operation a server for Jira. And we have some Jira projects that have a Zephyr Scale.

I want to link test cases of other project. For example, I want to link a story of A project in Jira to test cases of B project.

Please, check my question.

Thank you.

Best regards.

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    Hi Juroeng. Welcome to the user community!

    You can find the SmartBear support team here, but we can help too πŸ™‚

    Someone asked a similar question recently and you can see that post here - but to answer your question directly as it may be a bit different...

    Go into your Story, click on the Zephyr Scale icon:

    Scroll down into the Zephyr Scale area and access the menu bar, and choose "Add existing Test Case"

    Then go into the top right-hand corner and select your project, and use the folders to find and add your test cases:

    This will add the test cases from your selected projects and appear as Test Coverage for Zephyr Scale

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      Thank you for your reply. 😊
      However, when I select other project (It's step 1 in below image), PROJECTS don't be changed other project.

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    I'm not sure why you can't see or access other projects.  If that is the issue, it sounds like a permissions issue in the other projects.