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4 years ago

How can multiple testers execute the same Test Cycle and Zephyr logs multiple test results?

I have a test cycle with a suite of tests under it, e.g. Epic 1 - Unit Test. When I executed one time, I logged a test result. When I executed it again, the new test result overwrote the previous one. How can I keep the test results with every execution? I understand, Zephyr saves a copy of the test result at the test case level, but not at the cycle level. I want to see,  for example, First Run - 95% pass 5% Fail, Second Run 98% pass 2% Fail, Third Run 100% pass, three entries of the test cycle execution test results with the progress bar. Likewise, if three testers executed the same test cycle, can we show three sets of test results? Can I achieve it without cloning the test cycle? Thanks.

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    Hello LG !


    Let's see if the following is useful in your case.


    When you create a Test Cycle, you can add Test Cases into it. After adding it, you can:


    1. assign it to a specific user
    2. set a specific environment, if you have any, like Firefox or Chrome
    3. set a Jira version (available only on Zephyr Scale Server/DC at the moment)

    Then, you can add the same Test Case again, and assign it to another user, environment, or Jira version.


    And each of them will be independent Test Executions inside this Test Cycle.


    Let me know if that's helpful in your case!