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3 years ago

Having an issue to import custom filed value from csv

The import from CSV is working except for 1 thing, which is 2 custom fields created in Zephyr where it is mapped correctly during import with no errors but the values is not populated in Zephyr eventhough the values are in the csv files. This are 2 custom fields within the Test Script in the test case. The expected result and steps are imported correctly the inly issue is just the 2 custom fields created in the test case

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  • Hi nazrisamsudin 


    Hope you are well. 

    Just to dbl sure, what data type is the custom field? 


    Is it a picklist, string etc 

    For example if it is a picklist, it needs to be a defined picklist value/id


    This may be the reason why it is not behaving as expected