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8 months ago

Few queries on Zephyr Scale Data Center

Hello All,


I have few quereis on Zephy scale. Can you please help me with the clarification for the below queries, as the below topics are not there in the document.

1. Is is possible of Updation of existing testcases via CSV import

2. Bulk edit of Planned Start and Planned end dates from Testcycle Tab Testcase list view
3. Though Grouping is available in zephy scale , can we have filter( left list view) to filter testcases in TestPlayer
4. In Reports, export xls JIRA userid is reflecting instead of names for Name fields ( Testcase created by, Assignee etc).
5. Execution has “Comment” field, but report for execution doesn’t have the field, is it possible to download “comment” of execution? Can this comment value be shown in reports or export??



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