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3 years ago

Exporting test scripts with images

Hello Community!!

My team and I have created test scripts in Zephyr Scale and need to export the scripts which is easy enough to do however, the "expected results" data is in the form of a screen shot.  Is there a way we can export the screen shots / images as well as the data?



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    Hi Angi,


    Welcome to the community! ğŸ™‚


    I'm currently without access to ZS but from memory can't think of a way to do this using the front-end.  Maybe it's possible using the API.  I've added a link below which is for the Server version of ZS.  My guess is you'll need the "/testcase/{testCaseKey}/step/{stepIndex}/attachments" end-point to get attachments from each test case step.  


    There is a separate API list for the Cloud version of ZS but I don't have that to hand at the moment - I'm sure it'll be in a previous post somewhere if you do a search.


    Zephyr Scale Server API (v1) (



    Hope that helps, and best of luck!



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      Hi Angi,


      are you exporting the test cases as xls files?


      On Server:

      Using the xml export, you'll get the urls of the images in the xml. If you use the pdf export, the image will appear in the step as expected.


      I think on Cloud you can only do xls or xml export and I'm not sure, if the xml will then look the same as on Server.


      Maybe this helps.