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15 days ago

Environment Name in the testexecutions api

Hi Team, we use testexceutions (under create Test execution) api in a powershell script by passing the values to the parameters testcycleKey, TestCaseKey, StatusName, executedbyID to update the test case status on the Zephyr.

Problem is with the environment name, When environment name is assigned to the test cases under test cycle prior execution then when the script is triggered to update the test execution status then the test case will be copied (without environment name) and execution status will be updated for the copied test case. Please suggest on how to not get a copy of the test case and execute the test case though the environment is assigned.

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    Are you using a POST or a PUT request?

    POST will create a new test regardless of what you have there already, where a PUT will update what you have.

    If I am understanding your query correctly I think this may be of some help Updating Test Executions via PUT

    Let me know if I have read this incorrectly or if you need anything else