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4 years ago

Email notifications from Zephyr is not working

In Jira, when I have been assigned a bug/task for testing, I get an email about it. I am using Zephyr Scale. I am not getting email notification from Zephyr after I have been assigned test cases for execution.


Is it possible to get email notifications from Zephyr once I have been assigned test cases for executing in test cycle? Also while assigning the Owner in test cycle or test plan, will that person get an email notification from Zephyr about it?



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    I'm not aware of that functionality in Zephyr Scale.  It works with the Jira Issues but I've not seen it work with the assignment of test cases.  You Depending how many testers you have, you could setup a report for each that list all their test cases.  To do that:


    Go to Reports

    Choose Test Execution folder

    Choose Test execution results (list) report

    Filter by: Custom Query

    Test case: add condition = Owner In [add your tester here]


    When you execute the report it will list all test cases for that tester.  You can then share the URL of the report with that user.  The URL is dynamic and will update.  There are many more options available in the Custom Query to help you build good reports.  For example, to exclude test cases that have been executed and have a result of Pass, you would add a condition into 'Test execution' and select Result Not In Pass.


    Hope that helps.