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2 years ago

Email notification

We would like to move to use Zephyr Scale and ran a trial with it. We have two blockers that I'm trying to see if there is a solution for in order for us to move to using Scale. These blockers are :

1. When we change the owner of a test case - Can we configure it to send that person an email? As of now it does not. We really need this in our workflow otherwise we have to tell that person. 

2. When we have a bug we link that bug to a test case and Jira then allows us to close that bug. As of now Jira doesn't know that we have a test case linked so it wont let us close the bug. With Jira Squad it allows this since a test case is a Jira object but wont do this with Scale. Can this be fixed? Is there a workaround?

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    Regarding your two blockers:


    1. like you say, there is no notification feature at the moment (I too wish there was for various reasons).  I'm not aware there is a workaround for what you want but you can try the smartbear support team at the link below.  It's not a notification of a change in test case assignment but testers can use the tick button option in the test player to see test cases that are specific to them, so at least they should only execute their tests.


    Support Portal