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2 years ago

Custom Field Type Change



The field type was incorrectly selected when creating the custom field in the 'Custom Fields: Test Cases' part. While 'Text Field (Multi Line)' should be selected as the field type,  'Text Field  (Single Line)' is selected. We want to change the field type to 'Text Field (Multi Line)'. However, this change will affect more than 600 test cases. Therefore, we should do this without losing data.


How can we make this field type change? How can we change the field type from 'Text Field  (Single Line)' to  'Text Field (Multi Line)'?


What are your suggestions?



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    Your best option would be to contact SmartBear support and ask if they can do something on the backend for you.  I've no idea if they have the ability to do this but if they can't:


    Next best option is to use the API as it has an UPDATE endpoint meaning in theory that you should be able to a) create your new custom field, and b) add the text to your new field (cleaning up the old text by using the UPDATE endpoint or maybe deleting the custom field if the UI permits


    Next option is more involved and uses the UI features.  If you haven't run any test executions on your test cases, you could 1) create your new custom field, 2) export your test cases to CSV, 3) move your data from old to new fields, 4) archive your old test cases, 5) import your amended test cases, 6) re-do the work in getting test cases into test case folders, test cycles, etc.  Note: if you have run any test executions, then you're going to want to keep those test results and an export/import isn't going to work.


    That's all I can think of right now.

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      Similar issue as above, that we realize the need for a change for a particular custom field in some aspect:

      How can we escalate to the Smartbear backend team that we need the ability in configuration to change type and order of appearance for Custom fields?

      Today any changes related to Custom fields is cumbersome to perform



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    I assume that all support requests will need to go into the SmartBear support team (link below), and they'll determine if your request is something that they or another team in SmartBear can help with.  Another workaround option I didn't mention is the Bulk Edit feature: you could create a new custom field that is correctly configured, then batch up your test cases for edit (using the Filter feature if required) and populate the new custom fields.  This might not be manageable given the size of your project, but I wanted to give you all options I can think of (and someone else might stumble upon this post and find it useful one day 🙂)


    SmartBear Support