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2 years ago

Community site improvement: PLEASE break out Zephyr Scale Cloud

Greetings SmartBear moderators and community members,


In search for answers to my own questions about Zephyr Scale CLOUD, I have dug through hundreds of the threads posted in this community during the past several months. I sincerely appreciate all those who have asked and answered questions here. Thank you. I just wish SmartBear could understand its Cloud and Server products are different beasts and the two need to be better differentiated in the community. Referring to both Scale products as if they are the same can confuse and mislead customers and potential customers. The APIs are different. The features, functionality, and coverage are different. Please don't conflate the two Scale products.


Either the Zephyr Scale Community pages need to be split between Zephyr Scale Cloud and Zephyr Scale Server, or the question form needs to have a mandatory tag selection for whether the asker is asking about Cloud, Server, or Zephyr Scale in general. Should tags be implemented, the message search should allow filtering by tag.


Doing so would greatly help the community by reducing confusion and help avoid time being wasted answering questions with details about how to do it in Server when it turns out the asker wanted to know how it's done in Cloud (more often than not, the answer is Cloud can't... yet ğŸ˜“).


In any case, I look forward to SmartBear making improvements to this community and to the Zephyr Scale CLOUD product.

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    Hi shpankau !  Thanks so much for your suggestions on how we can improve your Community experience and the Community experience of others! Hope you have a great weekend!