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4 years ago

API Documentation for Create test script

I'd like to be able to import test cases that call to other tests and also include parameters. It does not appear that CSV import is an option to achieve what I want to be able to do.


Now, I'm looking into the Zephyr Scale API to see if I can meet my two requirements. I've been able to successfully use the API to retrieve data. I've also been able to successfully create a test case via the API using the documentation for Create test case. Now, if my understanding is correct, I must create a test script and associate it to the test case.


I'm looking over the API documentation for Create test script as well as Post test steps. Neither example seems to show how to create a test script with multiple defined steps. I also don't see how one could call to an existing test script. I see the Create test script has a type parameter and one of the valid values being "steps". How would I go about including multiple steps in the single text string?


Any additional examples of more complex API usage would be appreciated!


Thank you!

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