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2 years ago

Swagger Open Source Tooling Now Supports OAS 3.1

SmartBear has released Swagger open source tooling support for the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification, OAS 3.1. 


The benefits of the OAS are far-reaching and include supporting API lifecycle management with design, documentation, development, testing, security, and more. Development teams now have the ability to document and render multiple API types within a single experience and utilize native IDE type features like auto-completion, validation, syntax highlighting, go to reference, and find symbols. Swagger users also have access to rich rendering across all versions of OpenAPI to aid consumer experiences when interacting with APIs. 


Swagger now supports development teams and individuals working across RESTful and Event-Driven APIs by offering support for all versions of the OpenAPI Specification as well as AsyncAPI Specification. SmartBear has also added full rendering support for JSON Schema 2020-12 used within OAS 3.1 definitions. 


Read the full press release here -

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