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4 years ago

Swagger Implementation at Zull Gateway

I am using Spring-Boot 2 with 5 micro-services and Zull Gateway so i want to implement swagger to consolidate all the micro-services docs and i did that using the below code at gateway level

public List get() {
List resources = new ArrayList();
resources.add(swaggerResource("user-service", "/user/v2/api-docs", "2.0"));
resources.add(swaggerResource("news-service", "/news/v2/api-docs", "2.0"));
return resources;


and it worked but its directly pointing to my microservices.

Ex : Gateway : 8080

       MicroService  : 8081 


So when i select MicroService in swagger-Ui the request is directly hitting 8081, i want it to go through 8080 only as i have jwt filter at Gateway

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