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2 years ago

Swagger codegen for Flask (Python). Access to shared Python object from models and controllers

Hello, I have an existing (and fully functioning) REST API built with Flask that I am re-implementing using the OpenAPI 3.0 for the heck of it.

I am using the Swagger codegen to jumpstart the server part. First a general question: is there a document/tutorial/blogpost that explains how the different bits hang together?

Looking at the files in the swagger_server folder it sort of makes sense, but I could still use an overview of some kind (apologies if it's somewhere in plain sight, I couldn't find it).


Here is my specific question. In my existing server, I have a pretty heavy initialization part that generates some large "in-memory" data structures. As my current implementation is a monolithic file, that's not an issue. But as controllers and models will need to access this data structure (and re-initializing it each time is out of question), how do you recommend that I access this shared object from within controllers and model? Is there a way for me to set a reference in that I can access from all the other classes? Or should I create some kind of singleton?  Or am I missing something?


Hopefully what I wrote made sense. 


Thank you

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  • Hi,


    I realize this is an old question but as for a singleton one can create a module such as `` and import and use it wherever you need it. The rest I am busy figuring out myself still.




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    So, here is my solution, in case it's useful to others. I added the heavy duty part to the file and then made it accessible to models and controllers through the app context:


    heavy = ... real heavy, gets computed once a t startup
    def main():
            current_app.heavy = heavy


    Controller methods can access the heavy stuff with:


        with current_app.app_context():
            heavy = current_app.heavy


    If there is a better way to do it, please let me know. This cuts it for me. 

    PS: thank you Hans for your suggestion. Didn't work for me.