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  • Hi amitrao2344 


    It'll depend on which template you use, there are currently three: html, html2 and dynamic-html.

    From what I can tell, html and html2 both support Markdown as you'd expect but dynamic-html doesn't appear to.


    Here is a curl command to generate a html2 template using the petstore 3 example. In it you can see the markdown is rendered.

    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    curl -X POST "" -H "accept: application/octet-stream" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"lang\":\"html2\",\"specURL\":\"\",\"type\":\"CLIENT\",\"codegenVersion\":\"V3\",\"options\":{}}" -o



    Petstore3 example:

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      I am using html2 template and passing below yaml properties


      description: |-

                  Invalid request. There was an issue with the metric data provided in the request body. Possible error codes returned:


                  Error Code                | Description          | Parameters Example


                  BAD_REQUEST               | Cannot read request body for some reason. For instance, request contains fields with invalid format of integer, number, boolean, etc. | |

                  INVALID_DATE_TIME_FORMAT  | The date time format of start time and/or end time fields is invalid. | |

                  MISSING_REQUIRED_FIELDS   | One or more required fields for the metric were not provided or have nullable value. | "fields": \[ "deploymentUuid", "productShortCode", "measureUnit", "quantity", "startTime", "endTime"\]

                  OUT_OF_BOUNDS_VALUE       | One or more fields have out of bounds value. | "fields": \[ {"fieldName": "quantity", "minValue": 1, "maxValue": 2147483647} \]

                  MIN_LENGTH_REQUIRED       | One or more fields have the minimum field value length less than required. | "fields": \[ {"fieldName": "productShortCode", "minLength": 1}\]

                  MAX_LENGTH_EXCEEDED       | One or more fields exceeded the maximum field value length. | "fields": \[ {"fieldName": "measureunit", "maxLength": 50}\]

                  INVALID_DEPLOYMENT_UUID   | Deployment UUID should contain only alphanumeric characters and dashes. | |

                  START_TIME_AFTER_END_TIME | Start time value should be before the end time value. | |

                  REQUEST_EXPIRED           | The request reached the service more than 24 hours after the end time value. | |

                  END_TIME_IN_FUTURE        | End time should not be in the future. | |

                  MAX_TIME_PERIOD_DURATION_EXCEEDED | Time period between start and end time should not be greater than max time period duration. | "maxTimePeriodDurationInHours": 24

                  CUSTOM_DATA_MAX_SIZE_EXCEEDED | Custom data field exceeded maximum number of key/value pairs. | "maxCustomDataSize": 10|

                  CUSTOM_DATA_PROPERTY_MIN_LENGTH_REQUIRED | One or more custom data property key and/or value are nullable or have min length less than required. | "minKeyLength": 1, "minValueLength": 1

                  CUSTOM_DATA_PROPERTY_MAX_LENGTH_EXCEEDED | One or more custom data property key and/or value have exceeded max length. | "maxKeyLength": 256, "maxValueLength": 256


      But it shows up in converted HTML as below


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      Markdown parsing works but not on all attributes of YAML file . 

      I have attached sample YAML file which get transferred to corresponding HTML but does not parse Markdown text at line 106

      but it get converted to HTML on line 30 . 


      Note: I have attached yaml file with xml extension .


      Can you please help .