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3 years ago

Single Documentation Portal app in Kubernetes

I am trying to do the following and I was wonder if what I am trying to do is even possible. I currently have a documentation app that is a single place for all of my swagger documents. This documentation app renders the swagger ui for some microservices running inside of kubernetes using the microservices openapi schemas. The documentation app has a kubernetes ingress and is exposed to the "outside world". The microservices rendered inside of kubernetes do not have ingresses and thus are not exposed. 


Is there a way for me to click on "Try it out" on the microservice that is rendered inside of the documentation portal and have the documentation portal somehow execute the REST call. Right now I am getting a 404 because it seems as though the browser is actually trying to go to the url and that is not what I want. 


I want the documentation portal to execute the rest results since it knows how to resolve the kubernetes dns names. Hopefully this makes sense. 

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