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2 years ago

requestBody not displaying arrays within a ref component but shows in responses


When opening the attached openapi 3.0.1 spec file which defines my API in the online Swagger Editor tool (, I'm noticing that the "Example Value" section of the Request body in my POST and PUT operations are not displaying the "layers" array in the JSON that does get displayed in the Responses "Example Value" section.  I have not included any Example Value data in the spec because I would assume the Example Value structure shown would just show the data types of all the elements (like the Responses Example Value section does correctly).


I had to rename to my spec file to .txt but it can be changed back to .json for viewing.

I have also tried this in Firefox and Edge so I don't believe it's a browser issue.  I have also tried in Postman with the same result.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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