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5 years ago

request operation openapi3

Does anyone know how to do req.swagger.operation in openapi 3?
i generated the server in nodejs with

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  • Hi MenschenToaster 


    The openapi3 code generated for nodejs is not longer using swagger-tool lib (the one that set swagger object into a req object), because the project does not support OAS3. So, the nodejs code is actually working with


    and you can retrieve info from request object calling an openapi object, something like: req.openapi

    Here is an example of the openapi object inside a request object:



    openapi: {
        expressRoute: '/pet/findByStatus',
        openApiRoute: '/pet/findByStatus',
        pathParams: {},
        schema: {
            tags: [Array],
            summary: 'Finds Pets by status',
            description: 'Multiple status values can be provided with comma separated strings',
            operationId: 'findPetsByStatus',
            parameters: [Array],
            responses: [Object],
            security: [Array],
            'x-swagger-router-controller': 'Pet'