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6 years ago

Question about Swagger 2.X Annotations



I want to use Object(like sample below :Contractor) to get input values from the frontend.

May I use the @RequestBody annotation to define which parameters will pass(not all parameters in the Object)

from the frontend?


public Response insert(@RequestBody(description = "Created contractor object", required = true,
            content = @Content(
                    schema = @Schema(implementation = Contractor.class)))Contractor contractor) {




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  • assuming this in scope of usage of swagger-core to resolve an OpenAPI spec from a JAXRS project, you can indeed use @RequestBody (in the specific case you can even skip that, as the parameter Type will be resolved as requestBody); If you need to hide specific properties (if this is what you mean with "not all parameters in the Object") in Contractor, you can add @Hidden annotations there to the properties you want to hide.

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    Is swagger definition available? Then swagger code gen utility can be used to generate stubs.