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4 years ago

Python Client for Shopware 6

Good Day,

i have generated a python client via the swagger-codegen-cli docker image in my GitLab ci pipline for a Shopware 6 shop.

The problem i encounter is that every endpoint returns empty data, but the strange part is that when i debug the client i can see the data via the inspector but then in one step befor the data is returned it tries to 
deserialize the data and it returns a dictonary without any data inside.


        return_data = response_data
        if _preload_content:
            # deserialize response data
            if response_type:
                return_data = self.deserialize(response_data, response_type)


This is from the __call_api() function. When i inspect response_data i can see it contains the data i need but deserialize() return this:
{'data': None, 'included': None, 'links': None, 'meta': None}


i know i could set the parameter _preload_content to false but then i get the raw request response as a byte string and that kind of defeats the purpose of using a swagger client.

Who should i contact or ask about this? Is it a problem of the specs from my shop? Is the codegen not working correctly? Or is the python generator from swagger the problem?

What should i provide here so someone can help or point me in the right direction?

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