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5 years ago

openapi 3.0 Description of the responses is missing in the swagger UI (Chrome only)

Hello community

Is there some existing problem/bug with the openapi 3.0 specifications and the Swagger UI that causes missing response descriptions on UI in Google Chrome? I've checked default openapi spec provided in the (Petstore) and my custom specification. The issue is present using both specifications. All the specifications are valid according to the schema, but the description is missing on UI.


If I use Swagger 2.0 version of the specification - there are no problems, descriptions are present just fine. They disappear if I convert the spec to 3.0. Same for browsers change: everything works just fine in the Firefox. That's why I assume there is something with CSS styles.

It's always an empty HTML tag <div class="renderedMarkdown"></div> added, but always there is no content inside.

I'm using Chrome v77.0.3865.90. Tried also in the anonymous mode where all extensions/advertising blockers are disabled. Is it some my local specific problem or something already known?

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    Hi Eugene,


    I cannot reproduce the issue in Chrome 77.0.3865.90 on Windows 10.


    Could you please provide the exact steps you performed to get that result?


    Are there any errors in the browser console?