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4 years ago

Oauth2 Authorization Code flow, can't log in after log out

Hi Swagger team,


Thank you for your effort to build a great library. Currently, we use Swagger as a Technical document for APIs.

However, we are facing an issue login after logout which has been reported at

Could you please have a look at this issue?

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    I believe this relates to SwaggerHub not ReadyAPI! as such needs to be moved to the relevant forum,


    also - if you read the comments in git user 'shockey' actually states the behaviour is as design (so not a failure, despite how annoying the issue may be) and suggests writing a plugin to handle this accordingly





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      Hi richie,

      Thank you for your reply, it does not happen in implicit flow, happens only in AuthCodeFlow(PKCE). Can you have a look again to help?

      Best regards,