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4 years ago

[java / feign / jackson] swagger codegen and application/octet-stream issue

I'm using 3.0 spec and swagger-codegen-cli-3.0.26.jar for generating the client API.

The schema has operation with response application/octet-stream and format binary - part of schema below.

The generated API (java, feign, jackson) has File as return type.

  @RequestLine("GET /nodes/{nodeId}/content")
      "Accept: application/octet-stream,application/octet-stream"
  File getNodeContent(@Param("nodeId") String nodeId);

I wonder why it is File, not byte[], or InputStream?

What is astonishing, the http response content is stored in the File.path member (and broken), basically it doesn't work.

Is File type for octet-stream according to spec (I cannot find this information)? And how it should be done correctly?

(changing File by hand to byte[] doens't help as feign/jackson is expecting in this case base64 coded response, but the service returns raw content and the call fails with jackson parsing error.


      operationId: getNodeContent
                format: binary
                type: string


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