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3 years ago

Ignoring swagger endpoints which are not in Golang router

I am using swagger to generate documentation of REST APIs in Golang. I have multiple micro-services in my project. Some of the APIs are common to all the services so I have kept them common. So my Golang code looks like this:

import othercontroller ""
func Controller() {

// version V1 gpd
router.HandleFunc(utils.BasePath+"/entity", c.handleCreate).Methods(http.MethodPost)
router.HandleFunc(utils.BasePath+"/entity/{id}", c.handleDelete).Methods(http.MethodDelete)

othercontroller.AttachStatRoutes(utils.BasePath, router)

APIs in "othercontroller" looks something like this:


func AttachStatRoutes(basepath string, router Router) {
router.HandleFunc(basepath+"/stats", getStatsHandler).Methods("GET")

func AttachHealthRoutes(basepath string, router Router) {
router.HandleFunc(basepath+"/health", getHealthHandler).Methods("GET")


Swagger definition for getStatsHandler API looks like this
// swagger:operation GET /stats Stat
// ---
// produces:
// - application/json
// parameters:
// - name: ID
// in: query
// description: stats ID
// required: false
// type: string
// responses:
// '200':
// description: Stats response
// schema:
// "$ref": "#/definitions/StatsResponse"
// '400':
// description: Bad Request
// '403':
// description: Forbidden, you are not authorized
// '500':
// description: Error occurred while processing the request

func getStatsHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
// some logic here

"getHealthHandler" API of AttachHealthRoutes() function is also in the same package and has similar swagger UI definition.

Now when I generate the swagger, I am also getting swagger UI for APIs which are in AttachHealthRoutes() function but I am not attaching it to the router.

So what I need is, swagger should only show me UI for APIs which are attached to routers.
What I am assuming is, I am getting the swagger for API of AttachHealthRoutes() becasue getHealthHandler is in the same package as that of getStatHandler.

Note that I can not keep them in different packages.

Can anyone tell me how can I get rid of getHealthHandler API from swagger UI?

Just for reference, the question is also posted on this forum:

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