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5 years ago

Ignore super class parameters



Is there any method to hide extended parameters of a superclass? I can't change superclass because it is third party dependency. So I can change only my class.

My class:

public class AA extends BB  {

    private String feald1;

    public String getFeald1() {
        return feald1;

    public void setFeald1(String feald1) {
        this.feald1 = feald1;

Third party class:

public class BB {

private String feald2;

private CC cc;

public CC getCc() {
return cc;

public void setCc(CC cc) { = cc;

public String getFeald2() {
return feald2;

public void setFeald2(String feald2) {
this.feald2 = feald2;


I want to ignore parameter cc. Could you help me pls?

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    This isn't right place for the question, I guess.

    This is java question posted in SmartBear fourm.