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6 years ago

How to write swagger api documentaion for passing parameters in headers

Hi Everybody please help me, I am new to swagger. I am using symfony framework. I installed nelmio bundle for my project. Through CMD i executed this-> vendor/bin/swagger -e var,vendor. So in nelmio_api_doc.yaml file i will get a path: /api/v1/lms/internal/doc, so I use to check and execute the code for documentation. I am creating the swagger api documentation for my project. Actually i am checking the api request and response in postman , and I am passing clientId = 1 & accessToken = "tygehyrg" in headers. when I am listing the products i have to pass the clientId and accessToken in headers but no parameters are required. I have written the swagger document for listing the product just above the “ productList “ controller but when i execute it showing Input request data is not valid,clientId

This value should not be null and accessToken This value should not be null. Please anyone tell me how write a swagger documentation for passing clientId = 1 & accessToken = "tygehyrg" in headers for listing the products. I am hereby attached the controller file.

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