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6 years ago

How to set default values into Swagger form


I have a Swagger ui and a C# Controller with a GET.

Tha GET need's a json File as atribute.
Each time I will test my Api I have to write surtain values into the form (json).
Because it is allways the same value, I would like to have a prefilled field.

How can I set default values into this Swagger form?
Thanks for help.

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      Thanks for your Reply!
      But I'm not looking for examples, I'm looking for default values.
      This I find here:
      And also I have no idea how to implement this (also this linked example with exaples) in the C# Rest Api controller.



      This code don't work:

              [Get /MetaDataRequest?ResourceID='123'] // That's wrong. But I do it right?
              public IActionResult Get(MetaDataRequest json)
              { ...