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3 years ago

Best approach for scaling a strongly-typed API suite

I have the same object that needs to be used across multiple SDKs.

Say the yaml file for ServiceA contains Object1 and I want to use it in the ServiceB yaml file.

In the ServiceB file I easily reference Object1 with $ref./service-a.yaml#/components/schemas/Object1, however when generating the SDKs for each service separately there are two different objects. (This is appropriate.)

1. com.example.sdk.serviceA.models.Object1

2. com.example.sdk.serviceB.models.Object1


When using this in an application where serviceA calls serviceB I can't pass serviceA.models.Object1 into the serviceB API because it will throw a type error. It is expecting serviceB.models.Object1.


To solve for this I know of two approaches:

1. Create extension functions to convert serviceA Object1 to serviceB Object1. This doesn't scale nicely if one has many reusable objects across many services.

2. Import all the paths into a single file and just generate the main file. This scales but there are two concerns.

    i. When importing the SDK into an application I am importing all APIs (over 300+), as a result the import is a lot larger then it should to be.

    ii. I have to create two paths for each API, one in the service file and one in the main file.


Question: Is there a more appropriate way to solve for this?

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