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4 years ago

Add additional property elements to static html doc that is generated. openapi: 3.0.1

Current Approach: Used Swagger CodeGen "swagger-codegen-maven-plugin" to generate static html document.


I was trying to generate html doc with added property elements like tile. example below.

However I do not want to add this property element directly to swagger as there are ~2000 elements and these titles and going to be read from csv files only for documentation cross reference only with external documentation. 


To achieve this my understanding These are the steps:
1. Write custom model generator and create pojo's with additional properties from existing swagger file.

2. Generate swagger from generated pojo's (This will now have added properties)

3. Use the generated swagger to generate static html document.


Question is is there a possible easy to avoid intermediate swagger file generation to directly create html doc with added properties.


Here is the example: "title" here should be added programatically from csv files.

      description: Generates GameIndex
      type: object
          description: Record identifier for the slot machine. 
          type: integer
          format: int64
          title: Ep0533
          description: The slot prefix.
          type: string
          title: Ep0534
          description: Barcode number.
          type: string
          title: Ep0535


Thank you for your help.



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