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4 years ago

What I doing non correct?

I had "a copy of Pet Shop" at SW Hub.

In this case all works.

But (see on photo) thera are 2 fields. both possible to input. 


I need red fields at section "parameters". If you put any words at red fields. nothing happened.


There is 2-nd section, called "Request body". In this field JSON, editable (after push a button "executive") . Yes, It will works (after anual correct Json). It it green field on photo.


Why I can not send at CURL request infomation from my "red fields" (look a photo). It is section "Request body"

How to do it?


My listing downstears. In ma case ti will send "Dmitriy" (must be "Igor") independ of field "name" at section "Parameters". How to send "Igor" (except manual correct a JSON)?


      - in: path
        name: name
        description: Имя
        required: true
          type: string
              type: "object"
                  description: Update
                  type: string
                  example: Dmitriy
                - name




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