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5 years ago

Visual Editor breaks YAML

It seems, the Visual Editor is around for a while but is it really supposed to work yet?


Whatever I try editing with the Visual Editor, even if it's just the Info section of a trivial API, it will break the YAML.
It just scrambles the keyword and the value of the property changed in the editor.


I tried Safari and Chrome on macOS.




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    Hi omonien 


    I'm sorry you are experiencing this, we never want SwaggerHub to break someone's API.


    In order for us to dig into this and provide a solution, do you mind creating a support ticket here: with your SwaggerHub username, organization, and API in which this is happening.



    Tim Maguire

    Director of Product Management

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      Note: Visual Editor is in development, and new functionality will be added in the coming months. Please be aware of the current limitations:

      • “Add” and “delete” features are not available for operations and models. Use the Code Editor to do this.

      • Visual Editor is currently available for APIs only, but not for domains.

      • Visual Editor does not support editing referenced path items such as

      I would like to join that question - is there a community around that is engineering / implementing / testing - feature requests for the Visual Editor.


      Myself, I was looking for the Add Operations - the documentation told me - it is a known limitation.