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6 years ago

Unable to generate Java client using Spring RestTemplate

Whenever I try to generate a Java client using Spring RestTemplate I receive the following error:
SwaggerHub Error
There was an error generating the clients java code. Please ensure that the definition and all external refs (inc. domains) are valid.
There are no errors shown in the editor, and selecting any other library option gives me an instant download. I have tried either setting or leaving every other codegen option blank to try, and it is Spring RestTemplate as the library that triggers this error.
What can I do to get this to work (apart from choosing another library)?

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  • Apologizing for the late reply, this is solved in latest SwaggerHub

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      New Contributor

      I am still seeing this issue.

      My API is using OAS3.

      All server stubs and client SDKs give the same error.

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        Are you getting the error with any language or just with spring? and can you please share a spec causing the error?