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6 years ago

unable to do a code gen for python-flask

Hello there,


I am trying to generate the aspnetcode and pythonflask code from the code gen, out of the API specifications (Swagger 2.0), however, for Pythonflask I am getting error to check if the specs are valid? and for the aspnetcode, many of the objects are missing from the files.


Also, when I try to resolve and download the yaml, and then try to look into the specs, most of the objects are not being imported. I am not sure if the issues are linked or separate. 


Could you please help? 



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    Hi Mayank,


    Please expand all operations and models in the Swagger UI panel and see if any validation errors show up. If there are errors, you'll need to fix them before generating the code.


    If this does not help, please post a link to your API definition, or if it's private, please add swaggerhub-support as a collaborator and send me the link via a private message.

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      Thanks Helen,


      I do not see any errors when I expand the operations in Swagger UI.

      I have PM'ed you the link.