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6 years ago

SwaggerHub editor export OAS3.0 API into OpenAPI2.0


I can only afford the Swaggerhub's "Team" plan and ..

.. I have subscribed to it.

Google searches noted that ReadyAPI tool allows "downgrading" (exporting) an OAS3.0 API to OpenAPI2.x API.

Can I do the same - - with the SwaggerHub subscription that I have?

Or, is there an online editor from SmartBear (open source or part of "Team" plan) that will allow me to do that?

Thanks in advance!


FYI - I'm standardizing on OAS3.0 for the new benefits, but want to keep the Lambda integration (deployment automation).that only OpenAPI2.0 APIs have (currently).

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  • Hi,


    Currently there is no Swagger tool available that converts from OAS3 to OAS2, but you can use the lucybot spec convertor to do this.  The command line tool supports OAS3, so please look at the link below on how to use the command line tool to convert from OAS3 to OAS2.





    SmartBear Support