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3 years ago

SwaggerHub down?!?


I don't seem to be able to open any of my APIs or Domains on SwaggerHub ğŸ˜ž According to the status page everything seems to be in order?!?


Is it something in my end? Or is anybody else experiencing the same problem?


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    same problem , all my APIs are gone....



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    Same problem - I signed out and not able to login again - 

    Support ticket created -

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      Having the same issue aswell. Please fix, it has been not working for several hours now, I was hoping it was a short deployment error, but now that it hasn't been fixed within hours, I also opened a support ticket.


      Idk why the status page hasn't been updated, seems pretty intransparent.



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    I also filed a support ticket - no answer yet ğŸ˜ž

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      Hi HenrikHL 

      There is an ongoing incident reported for login, the team is working on the priority, we will update you once it is up and running. We regret the inconvenience.



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        rameshambastha you may want to consider fixing your service status page also because during this whole extended incident it was still showing service was ok


  • Hello Everyone,


    Our deepest apologies for this issue. The relevant teams on our side are dealing with this with the highest priority. We hope to have you back up and running very soon.



    Laura Kennedy

    Senior Product Manager

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      Our team is already discussing whether to make unnecessary payment to modify the spec file. In fact, I don't have to pay for such an unfriendly service as long as I manage the version of the spec file.

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        Azussi You may want to check out the Postman Teams API support. We are considering it also