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5 years ago

[September Hub-bub] What are your “must-have” principles in creating API documentation?

Hey Guys,


Today’s topic should be extra helpful to new users, and it should bring lots of useful discussions for skilled users. Let’s talk about the best practices in creating API documentation. We have great articles that you can review to learn the secrets of the API documentation creation

Best Practices in API Documentation

API Documentation: The Secret to a Great API Developer Experience

[Webinar] API Developer Experience: Why it Matters, and How Documenting Your APIs with Swagger Can Help


What are your “must-have” principles in creating API documentation?

Are there any specifics your API documentation has?

Is there anything you want to improve?


*The September Hub-bub is an exciting online event in the SwaggerHub community. Share your thoughts by commenting existing topics or creating your own. Best posters will be rewarded with gift cards.

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    For the users on the Enterprise plan, the API Standardization feature is available. This feature provides various rules (“must-have” principles) to check the operations, parameters and model definitions for compliance so you can ensure that your OpenAPI definitions comply with your company’s API style guide. You can read more about it here: