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2 years ago

Regex with Dates

Is it possible to change the date format with RegEx?


The standard format with dates is: YYYY-MM-DD


However, I need all dates in MM/DD/YYY


Is it possible to place YYYY on the end, and replace the "-" with "/" ?


Please let me know if anyone has been able to solve this before!

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  • You could use a property with type: string and a pattern: <regex> tag to enforce your desired date format. Pattern can be crafted to make sure year starts with a 1 or 2, month is 01 to 12 and days are correct for the designated month. Don’t forget leap years !


    lots of good examples here:


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      Thanks for much for the quick response!

      I might be misunderstanding the point of the Pattern property. No matter what I put in the regex expression, the output always come back in the same format "YYY-MM-DD"


      Can we use Regex to change the actual output value format? (apologies I'm new to Regex)



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        Ah, I wasn’t clear. Name the property as you see fit. But make it type: string with just a pattern tag, no format tag. Add default, example tags optionally.

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