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3 years ago

Kubernetes deployment support for swaggerhub

Checking to see if there is support for on-premise installation of SwaggerHub on kubernetes. And, if there is plans to release containerized version of Swaggerhub self-hosted. 

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  • A k8 deployment architecture is coming very soon. It’s in late beta now and GA should be in 2 months.


    The two options will be:

    - deployment to a full kubernetes service stack like EKS/AKS/Google or your own certified kubernetes backplane 

    - “bring-your-own-vm” which will be an embedded k8 running on your own VM of choice


    Both options will support online AND air-gapped installation. We will also provide functionality for either internal or external databases. HA and DR architectures will follow after GA (no timeframe commitment yet).


    Please feel free to reach out to our Sales team (after next week - it’s Sales Kickoff next week) for details.