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7 years ago

Is there a way to generate AWS Signature Version 4 headers for test requests?

I have a API hosted in AWS API Gateway which uses signature version 4 to authenticate requests.  Is there any way to configure the api specification in swaggerhub to accept credentials and generate the appropriate signature v4 signed header?



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  • Hi there,


    Short answer? No there isn't support for request signatures in SwaggerHub as of yet.


    Longer answer...  There are a few particulars in creating a signed request for AWS.

    Both signing the request and forming the canonical URL are quite tied to what AWS needs, and involve some UX thoughts in the app, as well as our proxy.

    I imagine it would be useful to have such a tool, and I'll bring this up in our talks on features. Thanks for opening the discussion on that :) And sorry I don't have an immediate workaround.


    Josh Ponelat

    Frontend Dev, SwaggerHub


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      Thanks for the reply.. Ended up self hosting a version of swagger that I modified to handle the Signature Version 4 Authentication.  It would definitely be a good feature to have in your product.  Best to you.


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        Can you explain how you achieved this? I'm looking to do the same thing.