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4 years ago

Integration with AWS Gateway API on free plan

I just started using free plan of Swagger and working on my own startup project. I'd like to generate API and integrate it with AWS Gateway API.
I've seen that it is possible on paid plan and API developed in SwaggerHub will get in sync with AWS Gateway API service automatically.
But because I can't afford free plan, I wonder if integration with AWS Gateway API is possible manually using opensource tools and free plan, so that I still could be able to generate some lambda function in Swagger tools for API and manually upload it to AWS Lambda?

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  • Hey IvanBelyakoff. With the free plan, you'll have the Webhooks integration. This sends a POST request with the latest version of the API definition in the payload to a URL that you specify. It looks like there is an AWS Lambda API that you could potentially use along with SwaggerHub Webhook to build a solution here.