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3 years ago

Ignored Path not working for not generated files



I'm testing a SwaggerHub integration to generate a server stub.

The configuration is as follows:

  • Partially Managed Paths = *
  • Fully Managed Paths = src/*
  • Ignored Paths = 
    • src/IO.Swagger/IO.Swagger.csproj (generated)
    • src/IO.Swagger/Security/*  (generated)
    • src/IO.Swagger/Dockerfile  (generated)
    • src/IO.Swagger/Properties/PublishProfiles/*
    • src/IO.Swagger/version.json

The issue is that the files I added manually like version.json and PubishProfiles/Dockerfile are deleted when the integration is executed again.

I consider this a bug.

The other files are indeed ignored and changes persist.

Any suggestions ? 



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