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9 years ago

How to use 'projections' in SwaggerHub API definition properly?

I have the same resource and the same verb (GET), but would like to get different attribute sets as a response. How do I have to use 'projections' properly to be able to enter various GETs for the same resource?


Or is 'projection' the wrong way? Or is there another better way?

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      Hi, thanks for your answer.


      But I guess I formulated my question not the way I should.


      What I try to get is the possibilty, to offer the API requester the chance, to choose from different sets of response attributes of the same resource.


      Means, resource /user has 4 response attributes:

      - name

      - street

      - town

      - country


      As a requester, I should be able to choose only name and street as a response (xs-response), or name, street, town and country (xl-response).


      Is there a way to offer this possibility?