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2 years ago

How to contribute `Generate Client` option for Swagger online editor with third party language

Hi Team,

We are currently developing a client for the Ballerina language which is an open-source, cloud-native programming language specifically designed to simplify integration development for enterprise applications. We use OpenAPI specification for generating a client via tool. We are interested in adding this client generation tool to the "Generate Client[1]" panel in swagger editor UI.


[1] Generate Client panel in swagger editor UI

Could you please provide us with guidance on the process for contributing to this swagger editor panel?



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  • Hi,


    this forum is for swaggerhub, the commercial version of Swagger. That being said, that part of swagger is part of the codegen functionality. This comes from one of the open source projects that swagger manages,


    You could contribute there and talk to our open source team in those discussions - or if it's for internal use, fork the the code generator to provide the output you desire.