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8 years ago

How can I setting to use HTTP but HTTPS to send my request?

When I use swaggerhub to do the API functions and test on our test server don't have HTTPS, the request can't be sent because of:


and the setting in YAML is useless:


  • schemes:
    - http


because the test server don't have HTTPS, so how I can do to solve this problem?

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  • Hi,

    Currently we enable a HTTP proxy for the interactive docs.  If you look, you'll see that your calls from that tab will work even if the API is hosted only with http.  As you described, the way you enable this is to use the schemes: [http].


    The Editor does not use the proxy functionality right now, but will shortly.


    So the short answer is, use the interactive docs and set the schemes as you described!  Please post any other questions.